ProtectMyHeels - The invisible protection for your heels

Every woman who loves Highheels knows the problem with damaged heels! The more new and expensive the Highheels, the more frustrating! Cobblerstones or sidewalk cracks are the biggest enemies of our lovely heels.

But now there is a way to stop this! No more scratches and dents on your heels - with ProtectMyHeels invisible Protection film!

Stilettos live longer with ProtectMyHeels the High Heel Protection.


Easy to apply

ProtectMyHeels heel protectors are very easy to use. Stick on when needed - and ready!

Perfect protection

Stops damage from cobblerstones, escalators, metal lattice, sidewalk cracks, curbs etc.

Easy to remove

If you want to remove the ProtectMyHeels sticker, its very simple cause of adhesive free glue


ProtectMyHeels in German


For all who would like to read our guide in German rather than in English, from April onwards, both languages ​​will be available.



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